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Jeremiah: This wouldn’t have happened if Hank were still medical director.
Evan: What happened is just business. This is my territory.

Are we homeless or just hopeless?

Hank: What just happened here?
Evan: I lost my center.

What if our dad fornicated across the county and we have 18 siblings we know nothing about!

You’re like a headband savant….

Your judgment is deafening. Just say it---just speak your mind.

I’m ready for that welcome home hug now.

Just make sure Hollywood tells my story.

I made promises to you, too.

Well, the people have spoken. That's it. We gave it our best shot.

Is that what I think it is, because I don't think it could get any worse?!

Evan: Your mom is actually here.
Divya: Why wouldn't she be?
Evan: Because it's my birthday....

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