Morgan: Bureaucrat Conrad, if you complete your death transaction without filing a suicide and/or falling accident permit, you will be posthumously demoted.
Hermes: Life. Death. Either way I'm demoted to a tiny cubicle.

Hermes: I'm going to jump!
Amy: No!
Zoidberg: No!
Bender: Do a flip!

Hermes: Who the hell are you?
Morgan: Morgan Proctor, bureaucrat grade 19.
Hermes: Hermes Conrad, bureaucrat grade 36.
Morgan: Enough friendly banter. Shall we begin the inspection?

It's too late. The inspector will be here in exactly one second.

Bender: Uh, it was ghosts! Big ones! And a tornado!
Hermes: Oh! I'll never pass inspection now. They'll bust me lower than a limbo stick... at carnival time. And that's as low as limbo sticks get.

Great cow of Moscow!

Hermes: Sorry, I spent all day putting my office in order. Now I got to go home and relax the traditional Jamaican way: A glass of warm milk and good night sleep.
Fry: Jamaican? I thought you were some kinda outer-space potato man.

The Central Bureaucracy is conducting an inspection tomorrow. I will finally be promoted to grade 35, the 35th highest grade there is.

Fry: Wow! You look happy. Is someone fired?
Hermes: Better!

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