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I'm sorry I didn't call right away. I wanted to hang out with some scumbags that weren't lawyers.

To me he's just a guy who wouldn't let me watch Walker Texas Ranger because it made a mockery of the law.

I'm afraid to ask what happened to their first lawyer. You've got some blood in your teeth.

It's complicated porn? Maybe we underestimated you.

I'm always cocky. It's an irritating asset. It works well for me.

Bash: You crossed the line.
Franklin: We're Franklin & Bash we crossed the line ten exits back.

Give us a call when you start embezzling pension funds.

Franklin: Are you going to be able to pay us?
Danny: I was kind of hoping you had a pro-bono policy. Bro-bono.

Like I said I didn't tell anybody. Pindar's not anybody.

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