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Kristina: We need a family fun night!
Adam: Family fun night?
Kristina: We need a family fun night dammit!

Adam: And I'm just trying to figure out an outfit that's not gonna be, you know, too much, but is gonna help.
Kristina: That ain't it.
Adam: Wow. This is just awful.
Kristina: It's hideous. I'm out.
Adam: Did you get me this?
Kristina: Just hideous. I never got that for you, I think your mom did.

Oh man, this baby's pushing on my bladder like you wouldn't believe. I need an adult diaper.

Haddie: I'm just going to say it.
Kristina: Okay, say what?
Haddie: Alex and I have had sex.

It sounds like she's hurt.

I hope my brother-in-law was worth it because he's not the only one you screwed here.

I say this out of love, but you've gone rogue.

Adam: I need a beer.
Kristina: Forget the beer, we need to get wrecked.
Max: What does getting wrecked mean?

Jasmine, welcome to crazy town!

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