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Matt: You can't just keep appearing like this. It freaks me out.
Vicki: I'm a ghost. It's all I got.

Elena is dating a vampire. You're a witch. My sister's a ghost. And I'm just a guy whose wondering how his life got so screwed up.

Matt: I don't know why I let you talk me into this.
Jeremy: It's because she's your sister. And you have a chance to help her.

Since when am I the one who can express himself and you the one at a loss for words?

What are you keeping from me? If you love me, you'll tell me. What is it?

Don't say anything. You're a dick. End of story.

I want you out of the house, and my life, by morning.

Don't you get it? I'm better off without you.

Tyler: The guy's not even subtle about it.
Matt: Who is that?
Tyler: It's not my mother.

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