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So how's it going with little miss repo?

I am only doing this for Elizabeth.

Yes, definitely a PX227...or a Tony Award.

Mozzie [to Elizabeth]

Careful, this neighborhood is rife with tetanus!

See, there is something! Vindication is thine, Mrs. Suit.

Elizabeth: Are you going to bow to the will of the establishment?
Mozzie: NO!...Yes....

Until we are cleared, I am keeping my distance from the bureau's favorite Brooks Brother.

Peter: So you're saying you care.
Mozzie: About Mrs. Suit....and....

Mozzie: The Sparrow dies at midnight.
Neal: I'd hate to be that sparrow.

Mozzie: But that does leave one question: Do you want to stay?
Neal: I will let you know.

Neal: Nailed the landing.
Mozzie: I need a drink.

Choose a side, Neal.

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White Collar Quotes

Often the things we try to hide are most obvious to the people around us.

Vincent Adler [to Neal]

A lot doesn’t add up on this one…

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