Jesus Christ. It's like I have to do everything myself.

Outlaws don't refer to themselves as outlaws. Just an FYI.

I am here because I don't want my kid to miss out on his entire f*cking childhood. It's just fun.

Andy: Say it.
Nancy: Seattle was a bust.

Shane: Una navaja.
Nancy: Oh Shane, no more Spanish.

I'm a mother lion and you can't defeat a mother lion when you've threaten her cubs.

(to Cesar) Sorry about that, but I knew you were gonna shoot me first.

Nancy: What are you doing? Is that my mascara?
Andy: War paint. You're gonna need back up.
Nancy: You're not coming with me.

Nancy: I want to speak to Sean again.
Cesar: No, time to listen.

(to Doug) What the f**k are you doing here?

Andy: You and I will never right. Just say we'll never.
Nancy: They all die Andy. I like you too much to want you to die.
Andy: Holy cow, you're right! They do all die. You're pussy's a death sentence. A penis fly trap. You're Dr. Kavagian.
Nancy: All right then!
Andy: Wait - Esteban's not dead.
Nancy: Not yet.

You don't actually want what you can have. That's why you want me because you can't have me.