Good to see you Betty Luke.

Happy Valenbirthuhhhversary!

Don't ever ask me about my business Claire.

Just concluding a little business. Successfully, I might add!

Okay, I'm wonder woman.

You can kiss my wife, you can take her to bed, but only I can make her laugh.

A wise and insightful old hippie, a Jeff Bridges old hippie.

Oh yeah, everybody loves Michael Jordan, but nobody thinks of Scottie Pippin. The only reason I remember him is because he's named after my favorite musical.

Just a warning, I haven't shampooed professionally since college and that was only part-time to pay for my cheer gear.

Life's too short to be ruled by fear. What do you say we get you the right dryer princess?

In your face, girl with a negative tattoo.

I think the carpet matches the drapes, I haven't checked in a while.