Angela: Someone say something.
Stanley: I said something when they were thinking of hiring Jim. Didn't work then. Now look what he's doing to us.

It's just rum. I'm not bored, I'm a pirate.

Life is short. Drive fast. Leave a sexy corpse. That's one of my mottos.

My wife got to the tv first. I had to sit through damn Rizzoli and damn Isles.

I know how to save the company, everyone. Just write a petition, get everyone's signature, including our clients, march down to Florida, and shove it up your butt!

I never heard that song before, and once I heard it I did not care for it, but that song means it's time to go home. Now, it's my favorite song.

Andy: Chef from South Park. It's genius!
Stanley: Just some chef.

Well you take the first letter of each name, assign it a number, add 'em all up, and shove it up your butt!

It might be easier if you take a deep breath, lift from the knees, and shove it up your butt!

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