Doctor (Susan shaving Mike) You know, we do have people here in the hospital who could do that.
Susan: But I like doing it, I think Mike would want me to. (cuts Mike shaving) Oops!
(Doctor hands Susan a piece of tissue to stop the blood, she then turns Mike's face and we see this has happened several times already)
Susan: So have you got the results of his latest MRI yet?
Doctor: I'm afraid there was no change.
Susan: Oh, well how long until you can do another one?
Doctor: I don't wanna tell you not to be optimistic, but...
Susan: Look, I know it's been six months, but he could still come out of it, right? I saw on the news there was this woman in Peru, she woke up after 10 years.
Doctor: There was a reason that made the news.
Susan You might think I'm naive, but I know he's coming back to me.
Doctor: Susan...
Susan: Don't say it, you just keep doing your job, and I'll keep doing mine" (cuts Mike again) Oops!

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