Lorelai: Geez! Are you okay?
Luke: Yeah, I'm just not real big on hospitals. You know, the smell, people being wheeled by, tubes sticking out of 'em, you know drainage, fluids, gaping holes...
Lorelai: Okay, listen why don't you go home?
Luke: You want me to go?
Lorelai: You don't look so good.
Luke: Thanks.
Lorelai: That's not what I meant, you know you always look good.
Luke: Yeah?
Lorelai: I meant you always look healthy...
Luke: Okay.
Lorelai: But you don't look so healthy now. Now you look...
Luke: Unhealthy.
Lorelai: Yes.
Luke: Okay...
Lorelai: Oh what? So I said you look good. We're not in 5th grade! 'You look good', big deal...stop staring at me.
(patient passes by)
Luke: Oh geez.
Lorelai: See, that's what you get for being cocky.

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