[on Tracy] His video game made a fortune, and he invested it all in a company that dismantles bank signs - it's doing very well.


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I love this show for making fun of the the horrible horrible things the federel reserve, major corperations, and government do people and the world economy. Pay attention to everything alex baldwin's character says in this show because it's a lot deeper than you'd probably think.

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30 Rock Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Jack: Tracy and I have become quite close. Look, we got BFF bracelets.
Liz: You guys are best friends forever?
Jack: That's not what that stands for.

Kenneth: But why would you want to cut your hair? You look exactly as I imagine Mary Magadalene to be.
Jenna: Thank you, but I am a selfless person who can't get arrested in this town!
Pete: I already explained that: that was a police sketch of a flasher who happened to look like Tracy... we hope.