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Meredith: I know Richard Webber's your friend.
Derek: It's not about Richard.
Meredith: It is! It is about him. Because, I have to deal with him on a professional basis everyday. And I have tried to draw a line with him, and he won't respect it. He doesn't respect it. He uses his relationship with you...
Derek: Richard doesn't use his relationship...
Meredith: Stop defending him! Ok, be on my side. I need you to be on my side.
Derek: Ok.
Meredith: He's not your best friend. He's not your Cristina. Which is why I feel like it's ok to say to you he is not invited to our wedding. Because, I swear Derek, if he's there, I won't be. And I'm the bride, so I have to be. So, I'm begging you please. He's not invited, ok?
Derek: Ok.
Meredith: Thank you.
Derek: Mhmm.

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