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Nadia: Jew in the couch!
CeCe: Nadia, American manners!
Nadia: Sorry. Jew person in couch.
Schmidt: She's not wrong.

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... That should read: In America, not "American." Also, to fully appreciate that joke, you have to understand that while Jewish people call each other and themselves, Jews, it's often considered pejorative if a non-Jew uses the word, Jew. Don't ask me why, because I don't know.


Pakaino - The joke is that Nadia is from some place in Eastern Europe where old world Antisemitism doesn't raise an eyebrow. In American, especially on the coasts, it's extremely scandalous.


This is a Jewish phrase to insult another Jew that is Kosher, if you see Why is there a Jew on that couch? if you say couch while the u is silent it sounds like Koush which then falls on Kosher, Kosher means you can only eat certain kinds of meat and food and animals.


Sorry, I don't get this one (I'm foreign). can someone explain?

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You've all thought about me while self-completing!?


Guess what you guys? My shoes are filled with blood!