Playing psychosexual mind games IS our normal, Lemon.


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confused on December 3, 2008 I was wondering why you are shwoing that hunting is haram. As far as my research goes on the issue, hunting is permissible in Islam. I think it's best that you research the topic before making an entire show about it.May God reward your intentions to do the right thing. Admin Reply to above comment below; I think you need to do your research agian a quick search got me enough information. Also we do no create the shows only embed the show for our visitors to watch, if you have any complains take it up with the creators of the show. So please do your research before making silly comments.

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I could dip into my 401 something I've heard old people say in commercials.


I'm sorry I taste like Korean cigarettes. Tobacco's the only thing with protein over there.