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Well, I guess we now know who the good person in this relationship is.


If ya think about it, identity theft is like another kind of murder.


Take a hard look at mom and dad in that locket. One or both of them may be a murderer.


Angela: Brennan is really lucky that she's my friend or I would totally make a move on you.
Booth: Great, I really don't know how to respond to that where I come out looking like a good guy.

Daisy: Why are you so horrible?
Oliver: I'm not. I'm that first sip of a fine wine that you have no yet learned to appreciate.

Daisy: You should have seen this, Oliver, but you were expending too much effort trying to undermine me.
Oliver: I assure you that takes no effort whatsoever.

Booth: Did you have fun or was it all about the fighting?
Brennan: We danced on a bar in a line. Does that sound like fun?
Booth: Sounds like a blast.
Brennan: I told Angela that it was your idea that I should go. She feels bad that she hated you and I told her that you're the best person ever even though that can't be confirmed empiracally but I don't give a crap.

That's a tasty little nugget of obesity.


[to Daisy] Your need for attention is exhausting.

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