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Michelle: Is it Rick, is he dead?
Talia: What? No. Why would you say that?
Michelle: You had an 'my ancient boyfriend might be dead' look on your face.

Michelle: He's looking at my beads. Why is he looking at my beads?
Milly: They look like meatballs.

Milly: Truly, tell me where you keep your jumbo beads.
Michelle: Jumbo beads?
Truly: I love jumbo beads.

Truly: I'd play with the crotch a little bit.
Michelle: Best offer I've had all day.

Roman's going to have lunch with us. Deal.


Let me ask you this Milly. Do you want to know the arts, or do you just want to be perceived as knowing the arts?


Melanie: I'm sorry about Ginny. She's stubborn, but she'll come around. You didn't do anything wrong.
Cozette: Who's Ginny?

A closed mouth is a pretty mouth!


I'll be better after a banana.

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