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Oh sure, just tell everyone the Jewish girl's in the attic!


Fanny: And you realize that's how every great performer made it, by waiting quietly.
Michelle: Oh you know what I mean.
Fanny: I'm sure when Brad Pitt was starting out he just sat at home, waiting for people to find him.

Oh please, vibrate still makes that annoying buzzing sound everyone hears even though we're supposed to pretend we can't hear it.


Michael: He Michelle. We missed you at kinky breakfast.
Michelle: Please stop.
Michael: Kinky breakfast is just not kinky without you.

Michelle: It's not nice to the guy to cry after sex.
Conor: Well, it's different.

Michelle: Michelle, hi.
Conor: I wish I was.

Boo: I didn't make you mad at me, did I?
Sasha: Not yet!

Did you see that? I was caught between that woman's giant legs!


Well, I love getting sloshed at the theater.


Melanie: She was Black Swan before you took her Ginger Rogers.
Ginny: Now that makes her Defcon Swan.
Melanie: She's got nothing to lose.

I didn't tell you about the marshmallow vodka I bought either but you managed to find that just fine.


You made me say period you punk ass kid.

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Bunheads Quotes

You pay per boob? If anything in the world should be sold as a pair it should be boobs!


Sure, we dance our asses off for two hours, they walk out for five minutes, flash their boobs and bring the house down.