Beckett: You, me, theorizing, together. It's not right, especially here after this P.I. thing.
Castle: No, don't think about it. Just think about how it feels when we work together. Besides we have the place to ourselves. Who's going to know?

Brian: I was being dramatic.
Esposito: How were you being when you shot her?

You know what would really suck, if Castle solved this case before we did.


People do insane things for their kids. You'll see.

Rick Castle

The only place to be if you're 3-years-old and connected.

Rick Castle

I'm no longer Richard Castle ordinary citizen. I am now Richard Castle, Private Investigator.

Rick Castle

Someone has to provide us with out of the box thinking now that Castle's not around.


How a woman so astute could choose to marry Castle?


It's just that ever since you've been banned from working with Katherine you and your pajamas have been seeing an awful lot of each other.


Or our victim was naughty instead of nice.

Javier Esposito

Squeezing down countless chimneys. Delivering millions of presents in one night. It was bound to happen. Santa finally cracked.

Rick Castle

So you believe Dino because he gave you a paper cut?

Kate Beckett

Castle Quotes

Beckett: Wait, there's a sex scene in the book? Between us?
Castle: There's a sex scene between Nikki Heat and the roguishly handsome reporter who's helping her.
Beckett: Oh, good. So he's nothing like you.

So how did she take it, us being together?