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We will solve the greatest mystery of the disco era, besides the popularity of disco itself.

Because the second Harold sets foot in this place it's going to burst his little '70s bubble.


Harold: Once you go white, nothing else seems right.
Lanie: I'd rather be dead than end up in your bed, jive turkey.

Beckett: I look ridiculous.
Castle: Ridiculously hot.

By the power vested in me by the NYPD I will personally arrange for you to see the deceased.

Harold: Have you ever seen a cop with an ass that fine. If this women's lib I'm all for it.
Castle: To be fair, you do have a very fine, never mind.

A testament to the truly indestructible nature of polyester.

Beckett: If Hector's as dangerous as advertised this could get a little hairy.
Castle: Hairy's my middle name. That sounded a lot better in my head.

Castle: Speaking of your sister.
Gates: Let's not.

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