Hola! On behalf of the NYPD, I'd like to welcome you to the world's greatest city!


I feel like he's cheating on us.


Well done, Sherlock.


Never say awesome. You're a grown man.


I need a writer around as much as I need a case of crabs.


Am I packing? No, I'm not a cop! My vest says writer on it!

That was awesome! Beckett never drives on the sidewalk!

Forget severed heads, I want to meet that guy!

Martha: Playing with dolls, are we?
Castle: They are action figures.

Lift up my shirt, pull off my boots. Under normal circumstances, I'd like where this was heading.


She's fun and uncomplicated. I think that's what my life needs right now.

People change when you're not looking.


Castle Season 4 Quotes

There are times when a well placed pawn is worth more than a king.

Mysterious Man

There, your better half.

Martha (as Castle's phone rings)