Can't you guys tie off the bleed?


Where the hell have they been all this time?


Terrance Boden. Some traditions are worth keeping.


Herrmann: Never in all my life have I been THAT humiliated.
Mouch: I beg to differ.
Otis: Yea me too.

Casey: Listen, I’m sorry. I was a jerk. It only took 8 shots for me to figure that out.
Dawson: We can do this. You and me.
Casey: You and me. We can work it out.

Casey: Maybe this whole thing is too big for us. I’m trying to be a Lieutenant and your fiance and you can’t respect either one.
Dawson: Request permission to leave shift, Lieutenant.
Casey: Granted candidate.

Boden: You ever been invited to a friend’s place for Thanksgiving, sat down for a big, beautiful once a year meal, got excited about a perfectly cooked turkey, and then they served up a ham.
Connie: A ham?
Boden: Instead of the turkey.
Connie: No I got that part, but …
Boden: See? Tradition is important, is it not?
Connie: I suppose it is.
Boden: Thank you Connie. Woman that understands. I mean, who knows if the pilgrims ate turkey at the first Thanksgiving? Maybe they had nothing but hams, lined up for miles, But me, turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving food. And Gravy. Brown. Makde from the difference of a turkey, not some fancy foo-foo stuff made from pears, and sun dried tomatoes.
Connie: I do like a good gravy.
Boden: You better stand up for tradition Connie, or what else do we have?
Connie: Ham and pear gravy.
Boden: Thank you Connie.

Brittany: I know impulsively marrying a hot guy you meet in Las Vegas is pretty crazy, but considering all that, I think we made it work.
Severide: I don't regret it for one second, and I’m not sure I'd be in one piece right now if I didn't come home with you from Vegas.
Brittany: I know I wouldn’t be.
Severide: Then I’d say we had the most successful marriage in history.

We see this kind of thing all the time. One random moment or move and this person lives or that person dies. You can play 'what if?' all you want. 'What if it was 2 inches to the left?' or 'What if it was a split second later?' You’ll drive yourself crazy wondering. Your parents can't blame you for what happened and neither can you.


Severide: I learned as much about protecting people from Shay than I did from any instructor at the academy.
Brittany: Yea?
Severide: Shay was intense. She'd do anything to protect the people she loved.

Casey: Would you have ignored Boden's orders like you did mine?
Dawson: Matt come on.
Casey: Gabby. What you did today crossed the line. It made fools of both of us, and if it ever happens again, I’ll be forced to kick you off track for good. Do you understand that?
Dawson: Yes sir.

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Herrmann: Come on, what's the hold up! We paid a lot for this Zima!
Dawson: It's Zumba!
Herrmann: He knows what I mean.

Chicago Fire Quotes

Hey! One hand on the beam, Cal, and I don't care if you're carrying a cow! Men die when they relax!


Wow, this is bad bad bad.