Hey, you get healed up, okay? I can't do my work right without my mentor around to bully me.


With all due respect sir, go to hell.


Chief, I don't know who Roger Maddox had to step on to get where he is in life. but he picked the wrong people this time. We're the ones who run into the fires when the rats are running out. He's just another rat. We're gonna step on him.


Dawson: So, how you feeling?
Boden: Like I've got a rock hanging over my head. Rope holding it up is about to snap.

Hermann: Hey, any word on the Chief?
Mouch: I left him three messages that we were buying.
Hermann: Free drinks are usually catnip to him.

Otis: Job's yours if you want it, Freddie.
Freddie: Yeah?
Hermann: Yeah, I mean you're gonna have to shower a little more often, 'cause we run a really classy joint.

Boden: The truth is gonna come out, ok?
Donna: I hope you're right. I don't know how much longer I can do this.

Jimmy: Hey guys, the tortoise is getting away.
Dawson: Mouch, you gonna stop it?
Mouch: What's the rush?

You know it's funny, you'll do whatever it takes to get ahead, someone else asks for a hand suddenly you're all about ethics.


Brett: How is it you managed to crash into a parked vehicle?
Austin: I looked down at the radio to change the station. It was an emergency, they were playing Justin Bieber.

Severide: I tried calling you. A few times.
Patterson: Maybe we can talk.

Cruz: I knew you wouldn't.
Otis: Bros for life.

Chicago Fire Quotes

See that? There's always hope. As long as there are good people in this world willing to step up and lend a hand. Here's to the victims. Here's to hope.


Mills: Brett, where are you?
Brett: I'm here.

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