I can't do that. I can't leave my heart in my locker at the start of shift and just pick it up at the end. I can't. Maybe it'll break me someday. I just don't care.


Stella: And don't tell me that you and Casey have never gotten busy in the firehouse.
Gabby: That's besides the point.
Stella: Mm-hmm.

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Brett: Luckily, there's a police officer who owes me a favor. Not like that. I mean -- it's, it's not what you think.
Jimmy: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Brett [about patient records]: Can I look?
Maggie: Well, I don't mind, but HIPPA won't like it.

You got to tell him, Chief. I mean, this is a betrayal on par with Cain and Abel.

Hermann [about not being Mouch's best man]

I'm not a politician. I'm just a guy who wants to help this ward.


Hey, maybe we mix things up a little bit, huh? Party bus to Indiana, hmm? Open bar, open road, who knows what'll happen?


Becks: A little free advice: you're in Chicago politics now. There's no shallow end.

Ma'am I can't risk my men's lives for a cat.


Jimmy: You ok?
Brett: Chili pushed me to my limit, and then flamed out. Ogle is inciting me to violence, and now you're leaving, so no, I'm not okay.

Cruz: Look Lieutenant, I don't feel right about putting you in the middle of this. The position of the aerial, it wasn't part of our rescue, so maybe we don't put it in, you know?
Severide: You sure about what you saw?
Cruz: 100%
Severide: Then that's how we file it.

Herrmann: I'll post a copy over at Molly's. Ten percent off all drinks for anybody who signs the petition.
Mouch: Pretty sure that's illegal.
Herrmann: Five percent then.
Mouch: Still illegal.

Chicago Fire Quotes

Chief Boden once told me, "a hero's not somebody who's unafraid, it's the guy who's scared to death and does what's right anyway."


You quit giving somebody a second chance they stop having one. I need your help on this.