Otis: Are you asking me out?
Brett: Uh, yeah. I talked to Cruz and he said it was cool.

Otis: So Riddle's hanging Boden out to dry?
Gabby: Maybe we should ask the captain.
Patterson: What's that supposed to mean?
Casey: Gabby.
Gabby: Well your Riddle's guy, right?

Cruz: Honesty, it goes both ways, right Captain?
Patterson: Of course.
Cruz: Then honestly tell me what are you doing to this house?
Patterson: Sometimes chain of command comes before everything else, Cruz. You're gonna have to get used to that.

Otis: What if there's an ear in there? Or a single bullet?
Cruz: What is wrong with you?
Otis: I'm talking about gang stuff. Ooh, a rattlesnake.
Cruz: What do you know about gangs, Otis?
Otis: I watched the Wire.

I'm just saying no one does his best work with cross-hairs on his back.


Mouch: My birthday is next month.
Otis: Congratulations?
Mouch: I'm just saying if someone wants to spring for Rush tickets for me.
Otis: How much?
Mouch: Eight hundred on Tix-o-lot.
Otis: I'll just get you a cake.

Severide: There's one thing that's become crystal clear in all of this.
Casey: What's that?
Severide: It's either him or me. I'm not going anywhere.

Brett: I can't even sing.
Cruz: Yes you can, I've heard you.
Brett: Karaoke doesn't count, I'm usually two seabreezes in when I go up.

Jimmy: So you hate weddings, but you'll find any excuse to hit up a funeral home.
Chili: You know it.
Jimmy: My kinda girl.

Brett: We need music, of course the wedding march and something for the reception.
Severide: Just need an iPod right?
Brett: No, nice try, it's a wedding not a slumber party. I think you can do better than that.

We are having the wedding here. I'll be damned if Chief Riddle or anyone else is gonna change my way of running this house. He wants to fight, then lets fight.


I'm not distraught, I'm angry, okay? Are you this worried about male firefighters' emotional condition when they return from medical leave?


Chicago Fire Quotes

See that? There's always hope. As long as there are good people in this world willing to step up and lend a hand. Here's to the victims. Here's to hope.


Herrmann. We gotta go now.