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Indiscretion is the chicken shit way of saying you boinked your fat assistant.


At the CIA you get a very small window to prove yourself, and I fear yours is closing.

Henry (to Jai)

Annie Walker, welcome to her majesty's secret service.


Auggie: That's the last time I give you advice.
Jai: That's the last time I'll need it.

Jai, I don't know why the blonde at ten o'clock isn't into Indian guys.


Annie I have three sisters. You don't own a monopoly on sibling drama.


Jai is that you? No fragrance today?


Auggie: It's in your file. I know, it's creepy.
Annie: You know what's creepy? I'm getting used to the creepiness.

I tell you Auggie, this job is not good for sisterly bonding.

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