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Covert affairs
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I've just emailed my demands and proof of life to your chairman. Technology is good for something.


Thanks again, for everything. Goodbye Annie.


Auggie: It's a voice.
Franka: Who's voice?
Auggie: The man who blinded me.

Auggie: You're lucky you're cute.
Franka: You don't know that.
Auggie: Oh yes I do.

Belarusian: We make a world class motorcycle.
Annie: After being held against my will, I think I'll buy a Harley.

Annie: It's rude to not eat what you're served.
Reva: Well I wouldn't want to be rude to our kidnappers.

I've never met a spy but I'm sure they don't look like us.


I liked the one where we practiced code breaking. I wasn't exactly good at the field work.


Auggie: I'm back.
Annie: Because you miss me so much?
Auggie: You're good but you're not that good.

There is a life, a fulfilling life for an overt officer, Auggie.


Take some advice from me, and get out of your own way.

Reva (to Annie)

You were the first friend I ever made at this agency, and no one I have met here has impressed me more since. You're gonna do great at this job.

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Covert Affairs Season 2 Quotes

Annie: Increased heartrate. A spike in blood pressure. I think the polygraph is getting to you.
Ben: I think it's the polygrapher.

Annie: You have some mouth on you.
Nadia: You speak Estonian?
Annie: Just the swear words.