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Annie: 10,000 applications a month, why'd the agency pick you?
Auggie: I always assumed it was for my body.

Compartmentalizing is the only way that some operatives can cope.


Mark was no spy. His idea of danger was a jacket with no elbow patches.


Auggie: It'll be easier coming from a friend.
Annie: It would be easier coming from her husband.

Sit down and eat with your sister. Do you remember her? The one who bakes you goodies every day.


Goodbyes are overrated, but I'm glad we got one this time.


Arthur: One of our top operatives is in place.
Henry: I heard...your cowboy, Ben Mercer.
Arthur: I'm talking about Joan.

Annie: He grows on you.
Joan: Like a rash.

Ben: You're handling this much better than I expected.
Annie: Then raise your expectations.

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