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Vartan: Well this is a new one.
Fin: Yeah, usually we have to stop them from going out the window.

Greg: A beer can top.
Morgan: Keep digging; see if you can find the rest of it, I could use a beer about now.
Greg: When we're done I'll buy you a beer.

Don't patronize me mathlete.


Lose your truck, your life; shotgun ridding buddy runs off.. Sounds like a country song.


Greg: The debris field is too big to be an accidental explosion as you theorized. No offense.
Sarah: None taken, IF you're right.

Morgan: So that phone call, it was Detective Moreno?
Fin: That is a definite yes.

I thought this was just a bunch of gear-heads having fun, not Death Race 2012.


DB: So it's not just a crash site.
Nick: No, it's an 80 MPH missing persons case. Well, on your mark, get set, go.

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