CSI Review: All For One And One For Murder

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I know I’ve said this before, but I have to say it again:

I really enjoy how the writing for CSI has been embracing the culture of Las Vegas recently. While previously I mentioned it in regards to the number of wedding chapels in Vegas, this week "Dune and Gloom" took us outdoors for some desert racing.

Did anyone else think that Kathy Veck was behind the bomb from the moment Paula Marshall took her helmet off? Bravo, CSI, you got me, I fell for it! If you’re not familiar with the trick I’m talking, about allow me to clarify: In most crime shows if you have three actors playing suspects and two of the actors are unknown and the third actor you know by name and can list shows and movies they have done... the third actor is the bad guy. 

Nick & D.B. Investigate a Car Bomb

Actually, the writing in this episode was really solid. Beyond the red herring mentioned above, it also delivered some romance updates with a mention to Hodges' mother Olivia and Ecklie dating, along with learning that Fin and Moreno seem to have started making their way around the romantic bases.

Had you told me two seasons ago I would be rooting for Ecklie to have a love life I would have laughed at you. But here I am hoping we get to see a return of Jaclyn Smith as Olivia Hodges.  

The overall writing improvements seem to be partial because of the nods to earlier episodes in the season that make the team feel like they are not in a bubble, but are growing and evolving. Okay, maybe Hodges and his musk smell needs to be in a bubble, but then we would have missed the awesome expressions Morgan gave him over his aroma! 

Was it Danson's presentation or the message he was giving about Clive at the end that made it so powerful? Maybe a bit of both. I can really feel for Clive; losing close friends for any reason is hard, but to lose them in conjunction to the very thing you were fearing most - I can't even fathom.

Finally, as we wait for next week, here is hoping that the final episode for this season sends us into the summer excited for the fall and the return of our favorite CSI team! In the meantime be sure to check out our selection of CSI quotes.


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i like csi las vegas adding ted danson was good elisabeth shue is not nor is eckleys daughter need to help the cast out


@Sookie: here's an even BETTER question: where has Jim Brass been this season?....we've hardly seen him....though now that ya mention it; WHERE WAS NICK? alisa


@mamamimi I agree with you on Wendy.. I was really hoping Liz Vassey might be able to make a return when Catherine left. Her departure is still a sore spot with me as I wanted to see how Hodges would evolve in a relationship with her.

Beverly brooks

Enjoy so much. CSI is still tops in my book. I thought I would give it up when Grissom left but glad I didn't. Looking forward to new romances next year.


I had almost given up on CSI after the Langston-awful years. Danson is doing a good job as supervisor. You mentioned Danson's last scene, but there was another person there---the awesome Jorja Fox. Fox can do more with a facial expression than anyone on tv! And when she and Eric/Greg are in a scene, why do we need anyone else?
I am not warming up to Shue's Finn--totally unnecessary except perhaps they needed to replace the blonde who left with another one who sleeps with any available man. As to the younger girl--Morgan--being Ecklie's daughter gives her a reason to be there? I'm not at all sold on the character getting a job in Vegas because her dad is the boss. She's background scenery and not nearly as beautiful as Wendy (Liz Vassey) who was sent packing a while back.
This episode was enjoyable--lots of references that can be tied back to "old CSI" before Grissom left.


Where was Nick last night? He just disappeared.

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I thought this was just a bunch of gear-heads having fun, not Death Race 2012.


DB: So it's not just a crash site.
Nick: No, it's an 80 MPH missing persons case. Well, on your mark, get set, go.