There is a look that parents of well behaved children, give to the parents of the not so well behaved. A look that says 'you should learn to control your kids. After all, they're your responsibility'. Of course, it was easy for Susan to feel smug with a daughter like Julie. She always brought home straight A's. She was helpful around the house. She was bright, affectionate, and considerate of others. To her mother's way of thinking, Julie was the perfect child. Unfortunately, Susan was about to discover that no such creature existed. There is also a look that parents of not so well behaved children give to parents like Susan. It says, "welcome to the club"

Mary Alice

Rex: So, have you seen Bree lately?
George: Yeah, I ran into her last night at the diner on Maple Avenue. We had a nice talk.
Rex: That's all you did? Just talk?
George: We're just friends, Dr. Van de Kamp. Nothing more.
Rex: That's good to hear. You know, if you ever do get a vibe from Bree that she's interested in more than just friendship, I'd be careful if I were you.
George: Excuse me?
Rex: I just want you to know that she'd only be using you to even the score with me. Don't fall for it.
George: Bree would never do anything like that. She's a lady.
Rex: Exactly. A very beautiful, classy lady. Remember, they tend to end up with doctors, not pharmacists.
George: Bree is very beautiful, and very classy, but she's not very perceptive. For instance, she thinks you're a good person, and it is now very clear to me you aren't

Zach: Ms. Mayer! Hey, is Julie home?
Susan: She's in the shower.
Zach: Oh. Well, I just came by to give her some good news.
Susan: What's that?
Zach: Well, it turns out my Dad and I aren't moving after all.
Susan: What?
Zach: Yeah. He reconsidered, so I guess we're going to keep living across the street.
Susan: Okay. Wow, uh, wow. You know, uh, can you sit down? I need, uh, to talk to you

Julie: Mom!
Susan: What is going on here? Were you just kissing my daughter?
Zach: I...uh...a little.
Susan: What are you thinking?
Julie: Mom, calm down.
Susan: She's only fourteen!
Zach: Yeah. I should, I should probably be going.
Susan: You think?

Suburbia is a place filled with responsible people trying to live responsible lives. Of course, even the most responsible among us, has mistakes in their past. Mistakes they'd like to forget. Mistakes that sometimes come back to haunt them

Mary Alice

It was my first week in college, and I went to a meeting of the Young Republicans, where Rex gave a speech and I went up to him afterward and introduced myself and told him that I agreed with his stance on the death penalty, and he took me out to a diner and, uh, we stayed up until 2 in the morning talking about big government, gun control and illegal immigration. (sighs) It was just... it was just such a magical night


Edie: I'm not talking about Martha. I'm grateful to you.
Susan: Me?
Edie: Yeah, I've been such a bitch to you over the years, and here you are, rowing me out to dump her ashes.
Susan: Well, it's, it's really no, no big deal.
Edie: Yes, it is. You stepped up when nobody else would. And here I am, thinking you have an ulterior motive. God, Susan, you're such a good person. And I'm such a bitch!
Susan: Well, Edie, you're not that bad, and, and, and believe me, I'm, I'm not that good.
Edie: Oh, yes you are.
Susan: Oh, please don't do this.
Edie: Martha may be gone, but the good Lord above has shown me that I'm not alone

Felicia: Look at them all. Vultures. Pretending to care when all they really want are the sordid details.
Police Chief: I don't know, I think they just want to show their support.
Felicia: Please. Human beings feed on misery

George: He cheated on you. You said you were going to hate him forever.
Bree: You shouldn't listen to a woman who's just had her heart broken. We tend to lie

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