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Allistair: How's the sex?
Watson: I beg your pardon
Allistair: Sex. Shagging? Is he enjoying it?
Watson: I don't undertand.
Allistair: I heard that was part of the service you provided. Satisfying your clients every need why else would anyone pay your exuberant fees?

I've had many clients but Sherlock is definitely the most unique. I would like to know more about him.


Sherlock: You should have trusted me when I told you he wouldn't show.
Watson: Trusted you? I've been glued to your side for weeks now and you've refused to show even the tiniest bit of your personal history. You know what Sherlock, I don't trust because thanks to you we're basically still strangers.

Did you enjoy your time with dear old dad? Come on Watson show some appreciation for a prank well played.


I know about Irene. I want you to tell me about her.


Watson: There's just one question I want to ask you about your past.
Sherlock: Excellent, you wait here and I'll go to my room, shut the door. Soon as you're absolutely certain I can't hear you, ask away.

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