Elementary Review: Drug Smuggling and Plane Sabotaging

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"Flight Risk" was centered around a plane crash that was caused because of a murder that was a result of selling drugs.

No, wait, it was because the drug smuggling led to Cooper sabotaging a plane flight full of lawyers trying to take down a huge food company... I'm missing something... Now I'm getting all confused again. You see, I love this show, it always seems to mess with my mind a little bit. 

This episode had many twists and turns, more than we've seen all season. Granted, I knew who the killer was right off the bat, making everything else that was added seemed like a bonus.

We also saw more of Watson's struggles as she tries to break through to Holmes and know him on a more personal level. But before I get to that part, let me first discuss this week's investigation.

Holmes Investigates a Crash

In the beginning we saw that there was a plane crash on the beach and because of the pattern this show has instilled in us viewers, I knew there was going to more to it. Watching Holmes awkwardly walk and examine each and every pile of the wreck was hilarious and intriguing. I was looking just as intently as Sherlock was to see if I could find what details he was unraveling - but I did not. I should leave the detective work to the professionals. 

Upon discovering that one of the victims was murdered and his body was planted in the plane, I thought this was going to be the twist. I was wrong... again. I normally don't enjoy being wrong this often but when it comes to Revenge and Elementary, I don't mind. I rather enjoy being made for a fool when it comes to television.

When we met Charles Cooper (aka Mr. Boss Man), I knew it was him. He played too innocent at the beginning, he was TOO shocked about the plane crash and the murder. Is this Sherlock rubbing off on me? I sure hope so.

Here is what got me: they were able to put drug smuggling, murder by a wrench, plane sabotaging, glue and three dead lawyers in one case in the span of 43 minutes. That's extremely impressive and it was overly entertaining. It all came down to glue. Who knew it would be such a small thing? It's perfect.

If I had to say what the most valuable asset this show has I'd say it was the element of surprise. It does it so well and the writers make it so that you can come to the same conclusion if you're looking for it. It works very well in Elementary's favor. 

Moving on to Watson and her dinner date with Holmes' father... I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a man waiting for her to dine and I was shocked to find out that it wasn't him. Instead, it was an old actor friend of Sherlock's.

Good one Sherlock. Again. 

My favorite part of the episode was seeing Watson react to figuring she had been played on by Sherlock. Her line said it best: "We're still strangers." We can all assume now that Joan is definitely becoming more personal with Holmes than she probably has been with her past clients. He intrigues her. There are so many unanswered questions about Sherlock's past and I, too, share the same desire to learn more about him.

My favorite line of the night? "I know about Irene"

If you're a Sherlock Holmes fan (book or movie), you know how big of a role Irene Adler plays in his life. I couldn't be more thrilled that they've already starting to bring her name and character into the story. Not knowing how it'll play out has me wanting more.

Overall, this episode was pretty decent. I predicted that Cooper was going to be the killer but the depth of the case is was what kept it interesting. 

Next week it seems we will get more information on Irene Adler and a huge case with five murders. 


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I missed this ep when it first aired, but caught the repeat last night (17 Jan 2013). As much as I enjoyed the twists and turns (you practically needed Dramamine to keep up), it felt a little like an episode of "Cold Case": Suspect A leads to Suspect B leads to Suspect C, who leads back to Suspect A who turns out to be the killer. Fortunately, this hasn't happened in the other eps I've seen, but the writers (and CBS) need to be careful that this doesn't become "Cold Case with a British Accent."


Is it just me who noticed that the bloody wrench (murder weapon) should not have been as blood-stained if it had been tossed into a body of water by the murderer? Maybe I'm missing something...


"Lord John Marbury" / "Allistair" = Roger Rees. Yes, he was great -- and given some good lines -- and I'm sure we'll see him again.


Irene Adler is nota major character in Holmes' stories. She appears only in a short novel (A scandal in Bohemia) and is not referenced in any story after that (IIRC, of course). She just happens the be the only woman Sherlock has been interested and the scriptwriters of many Sherlock's adaptations just did the rest. She certainly wouldn't have sent Serlock to a spiral of drug addiction and self-destruction.


LORD JOHN MARBURY - oh I so hope we see him again, loved him.(Sherlocks actor friend for all those who don't know what I am on about)


Clever, clever episode. So many twists and turns and none of it felt forced. The joke Sherlock played on Watson was hilarious. I'll admit that when I first saw the actor, I thought he could not possibly be Sherlock's father but was happy to be proven wrong, and then proven wrong again, or was that proven right. Lol. The final scene made the episode. The mention of Irene sent shivers down my spine. This is THE woman. Ostensibly the one that sent Sherlock into a tailspin of drugs.


Great review, Kate. Miller and Lucy make great Holmes and Watson. I loved 'Sherlock Sr.' as well. Hopefully, Roger Rees will appear again in future episodes. Cheers!


It's awfully suspicious to me that Watson has never met Holmes Senior in person. I wouldn't be surprised that if it's revealed later this season that El Padre is either dead or incapacitated and Sherlock's brother Mycroft is secretly running everything.


I loved this episode. So many many twists and none felt ridiculous or forced. They all worked beautifully. So smart. I really loved how Watson is standing up to Holmes, and how she's picked up tricks from him, enough to deduce where Alistair worked and get some goods on Holmes. Sherlock knows he needs her to keep pushing him, whether he will ever admit it or not. And the prank Holmes pulled was great. Though, with respect to what @marie.d said about Sherlock's father: my father was often absent because of work (first surgery and then as an attorney). If the father really were just obliged to care for Sherlock due to a trust fund, then everything could be handled through a trust lawyer and the father would never have to be involved in any aspect of his son's life. But he is in his own strained way. There's always two sides to a story. I imagine Sherlock's father is just as obsessed about his own work and Sherlock is. The apple didn't fall far from that tree.

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I know about Irene. I want you to tell me about her.


Watson: There's just one question I want to ask you about your past.
Sherlock: Excellent, you wait here and I'll go to my room, shut the door. Soon as you're absolutely certain I can't hear you, ask away.