I'm a high school football coach, I don't think there's any better position to be able to judge the content of a young man's character than that.

Coach Taylor

I got a son who need to know who his uncle is.


I'm just trying to be realistic because I don't think football's gonna hand me my future on a plate.


Luke: Nobody wants me.
Becky: I want you.

Tinker: Where are you going after the playoffs?
Coach Taylor: Maybe Disneyland Tinker, I don't know!

Sounds like they really rolled out the red carpet for you.


We've got a fight on our hands, a fight to keep Coach Eric Taylor.

Buddy Garrity

When I met with John from Shane State the other day, I thought about how nice it might be to work with adults for a change.

Coach Taylor

We got Riglet #2 coming to a theater near you sometime soon. This is good stuff!

Billy Riggins
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