Leela: I guess I was so desperate to find out who I really was, I forgot who I really was.
Farnsworth: No harm done. In the many decades you'll work to repay me for that shipment of popcorn you destroyed, you'll have plenty of time to search for your true home.

Leela: Alright, Alkazar, I just have one last question for you.
Alkazar: What's that?
Leela: If you can change form, why didn't you change it in the one place that counts?

Leela: But why did you have all five weddings on the same day?
Alkazar: Hey, lady, you got any idea what it costs to rent a tux that changes shape?

Alkazar: Well, this is the real me. But I can explain: We all have needs. Mine was to make it with five weirdos and have them scrub my five castles. I gave you all what you wanted and of course I made a few bucks letting Pig watch through the two-way mirror. Can any of you say you wouldn't have done the exact same thing in my position?
Bender: He's a saint!

Alkazar: Leela, this must all be very confusing.
Leela: A little. That's why I've decided to hurt you until you explain it.

Do you, Leela, copy and paste his response till death do you part?


Preacherbot: Does anyone have a reason why this couple shall not be joined in the irrevocable shackles of holy bliss?
Farnsworth: Saving a race of one-eyed monsters? Who could object to that?

Fry: That's weird. It's another Cyclops, only this one has five eyes.
Bender: And here's another one with no eyes.
[He takes the jewels from her eyes.]

Alkazar: How about some coffee?
Leela: Uh, sure. How do you take that?
Alkazar: With sausage and pancakes. Kitchen's downstairs.

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