We find the defendant vulnerable yet spunky!


And now we must return to our planet, to catch the end of a thousand-year-old Leno monologue.


Lrrr: Attention, McNeal. We are reasonably satisfied with the events we have seen. Overall I would rate it a C+, OK, not great. As a result, we will not destroy your planet. But neither will we provide you with our recipe for immortality.
Fry: Way to overact, Zoidberg!

Fry: Now just read these cue cards... And action!
Farnsworth: Miss McNeal, I'm afraid I must decline your offer of marriage. For, you see, I'm dying. Cough, then fall over dead.
Zoidberg: My God, he's dead.
Farnsworth checks his pulse

Trust me on this. While other people were out living their lives, I wasted mine watching TV, because deep down I knew it might one day help me save the world. Plus, I would have lost my Workman's Comp if I had gone outside.


Lrrr: Attention, McNeal. Your unexpected marriage plan scares us. You stole our hearts as a single female lawyer, and so shall you remain - or else!
Fry: You see? TV audiences don't want anything original. They wanna see the same thing they've seen a thousand times before.
Bender: Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Fry?

Fry: Married? Jenny can't get married.
Leela: Why not? It's clever, it's unexpected.
Fry: But that's not why people watch TV. Clever things make people feel stupid, and unexpected things make them feel scared.

Fry: No, no! Go to commercial!
Bender: We'll be back after this word from Crazy Bender's Discount Stereo.

Single female lawyer, fighting for her clients, wearing sexy mini skirts, and being self reliant. Hey I'm pretty good.

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