Emily: Richard, are you serious about this?
Richard: As a heart attack.

Emily: Next thing I know you'll be saying I need a psychiatrist!
Lorelai: Too many comebacks. I cannot pick.

Michel: Good morning.
Sookie: It sucks from where I'm sitting.

Emily: Lorelai, don't eat dinner yet.
Lorelai: (pointing to food) This isn't dinner, it's my private stash.

She likes Jess, doesn't she?


Rory: Okay, that's a good idea. But, if we went with that, we'd actually have to build a robot.
Madeline: Yes we would.
Rory: And who knows how to do that?
Madeline: I don't know. (points to Brad) He looks like he should know!
Brad: I've never built a robot!
Louise: (leans over toward him) But you've tried haven't you?
Brad: Yes I have.

(Emily enters the diner)
Lorelai: Eh. Good grief.
Luke: What?
Lorelai: Bad vibe sandwich just came in. You better retreat.

Kirk: (about Luke's uncle) He kicked my dog when I was a kid.
Sy: He hit on my wife repeatedly.
Kirk: Toto was always different after that.
Sy: My wife was much affected as well.

Luke: Don't you have wakes for people you like?
Lorelai: I think it might be for you.
Luke: Am I dead?
Lorelai: Face it, Luke, people like you.
Luke: Shut up.
Lorelai: And with charm like that, how can they resist?

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