Do you seriously have no idea who that is? Do none of you read the show choir blogs?


You two in the same room and there are no stitches? That’s an improvement.


I think I saw a squirrel come out of the back of your hair.


She will chew you up and spit you out like a Jewish Hillary Clinton.


God as my witness, I will break her down.


The only thing I can see you giving birth to is a bushel of russet potatoes.


The thing that holds high school friendships together is high school.


I was like some heroine from a lost Tennessee Williams play.


You are kind of magic.


I hate you both.

Sue Sylvester

You are short, you are awful, and that is never going to change.


Do you know how insane you sound?


Glee Quotes

[to Kurt] You know, these Mounds bars are delicious, but you have to eat them. If you just hold them in your hand hoping that you might get to eat them one day, they're going to melt and you'll look like somebody just pooped in your hand. Don't let waiting for things to maybe work out with Blaine turn you into the guy who looks like somebody just pooped in their hand.


Blaine: Where's the bed?
Brittany: I removed it because when I imagined you two having sex I imagined a U-haul mounting a moped.