Elise: What are you doing? He's gorgeous.
Jenny: He's a dog-walker. I need a king, not a jester.

(to Serena) You always did know how to leave them wanting more.


(to Serena) And do you remember when we ran out of money and I had to flash the bartender?


Dan: I can't concentrate.
Jenny: The sound of your own voice annoying you?

Nelly: Todd's here? Do I have cushion face?
Isabel: A little.

Isabel: So how did you get Todd to play along?
Blair: Hey Is... what are you doing tonight?
Isabel: Uh, not Todd.
Blair: Fine, I guess I'll have to come up with something else.

So you want to distance yourself from your mistakes by staying away from me.


Excuse me, this seems private, so I'm gonna head out now. I have a table at Butter, reservation's under Waldorf in case there's an after-party.


Can you just get it over with, Chuck? Say whatever pervy thing you're going say and leave.

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