I'm gonna check your holes. If there's nothing there, we'll have to get kinky.


You seriously think it would kill her if we spent 15 seconds mocking you?


If this should somehow lead to Lucas dying, or oral sex, so be it. Namaste.


A friend can't buy an overpriced Italian Espresso machine for another friend without a motive?


Foreman: You're gonna sleep with another woman tonight, and then go home to your wife:
House: Thank God someone's keeping an eye on what's important.

Taub: I am going out with Mya tonight... with Rachel's permission.
Foreman: Mazel Tov?

At this point, either I walk away, or I try accept who you really are.

Taub's wife

I'm getting a lecture in communication from someone who had her lawyer tell me she wanted a divorce.


I'm 5'6" and have a receding hairline. I hate genetics.

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