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I have nothing left to give. I want to go home.


Vin's in a funk since the surprise party and I feel bad for him. Like, I don't want anybody in a funk, because their funk puts me in a funk because they're in a funk and I don't want anybody to be in a funk!!


[at club Aztec] Eww, what the hell. She's battling you! She's battling you!

Pauly D

[about club Aztec] It's a war out there. There's a lot of grenades.

Pauly D

I'm feeling a little better now and feel like going to Aztec and develop a little Seaside momentum.


Ronnie: [about Vinny] I'm hungry: his mom cooks him dinner. I'm dirty: his mom wipes his ass. Vinny needs to man up and move on.

I have a little bit of angry issues.


That's not me ... apologizing and admitting I'm wrong.


Ryder's f***** everybody in the house, if she f**** Ronnie, it's like guido bingo.


Everybody ride her, just like a bus route.


Pauly D: Whether you're the first man in, or the last man in: Ryder.

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Ryder is looking pretty good tonight, but she's already had sex with Vinny and I'm not really cool with sloppy seconds, so I don't know what do to with her.

Pauly D
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Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

I feel like Italy was boarding school and America is my mother. And I'm coming home to my mother.


I want a big, fat burger!