I'm 14 days behing my game. I need to get back to bussiness.

Pauly D

Ohh Yeahhh. Tanning. Yeahh.

Pauly D

I want to shock my system. I'm tanorexic, bro.

Pauly D

First thing I want to do now that I'm back in America is I want to go tanning. I'm as pale as a ghost. I'm almost as white as Mike's teeth.

Pauly D

If we don't GTL, it's like the end of civilization.

Mike "The Situation"

It feel great to be back at the T-Shirt shop. As crazy as it sounds, I can't wait to work again.


This is the palest you've ever seen. You're all Vinny's color.


We decided we're gonna check out the Shore Store becuase we're gonna be working there. Again!


Ohh. I want Ron Ron Juice.

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