I didn't even put on underwear today.


Jionni's like "don't drink so much, don't black out" ... I can't even get drunk with my roommates.


I never felt so violated in my life.

Pauly D

I probably shouldn't have done that in front of Vin, I think Vin got a little mad because that's his bi$#h.


All it is is you got to know how to play chess. If you don't know how to play chess, maybe drop down and try checkers.


But uh, Jionni's hungry right now, he wants to eat this sandwich, he wouldn't be cooking if he wasn't.


It's very ironic that Jionni's borrowing my clothes and cooking in the kitchen right now for me, and Paula's just sitting there waiting ... now that's a situation!


Mike has cooties, so that fact that my man is wearing Mike's clothes, I'm just like, uh, I hope their clean.


I'm like yeah, we share girls why can't we share underwear.

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