Paige: Like I don't know how to take care of a teenager for a couple days. Apple or chocolate martini?
Lux: Apple.
Paige: Good choice! Baze said to make sure you have fruit.

This whole tutoring thing is not working for me.


That's what she said, it's scary how alike you are.


Plus, you know, we're trying to have a baby.


We're going on a staycation.


(to Ryan) Shower curtains for walls is not exactly sound proof.


Baze: To moving on.
Cate: To moving on.

(to Lux) I'm not Jones. I'm always going to be there.


Cate: All I really wanted was to be better than my mom was.
Louise: Maybe that's all she ever wanted for you too.

You didn't want Lux as much as I didn't want you when I was pregnant.

Cate's mom

Jones: This is fun, hanging out with you.
Tasha: Well, I'm no Lux.
Jones: Tasha, I came to the concert because you asked me.

I cannot be married to you if I can't trust you.


Life Unexpected Quotes

Hi Steve, who's you're friend?


Don't hate on milkshakes.