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Cate: Thank you for being there.
Baze: Always.

All this time I've been blaming Baze, like he's the only one who has left me. I thought he was the one that wrecked me - you were.


Baze I thought I was doing the right thing, but to Cate, I will always be the one who left.

Dad, I've always acted like no having a father wasn't a big deal, but it was.


Cate's dad: Macaroni and Cheese you cant mess that up.
Lux: You'd be surprised.

Did you just sniff me?


This is not noise, this is art.


Hey dude - you are staring.


Every girl pictures her father walking her down the isle. I can barely even picture my father.


Cate: If they are in the past, you got to keep them that way.
Ryan: There are phones in Tahoe.

Awe its my old head gear - just looking at in brings back memories of loneliness and self hate.


I'm glad Cate's marrying you.

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Life Unexpected Season 1 Quotes

Screw em - just screw all of em.


Don't hate on milkshakes.