We're lone wolves, driven from the pact by our refusal to conform.

Dr. Langham [to Virginia]

I probably shouldn't be telling you this but daddy thought the sun rises and sets with you.

Vivian [to Bill]

We're done when I say we're done, unless you liked your study when you were peepin' through brothel doors, I'm sure the girls miss having you around, comic relief and all.


What could be more fancy than the fact that you're sterile and yet engaging in fertility treatments.

Bill [Betty]

Dr. Masters and I were just discussing, well he has his way and I have mine. He may know what's best for his patients' babies, but here at home that is my domain.


There is no more qualified gem than me, Bill.


There is only a shred of me left that still feels like a woman. You can't take that from me. I won't let you.

Margaret [to Barton]

That's why I love you. After all these years you still surprise me.

Libby [to Bill]

Essie: Like a fresh start, a beautiful baby boy brought into this world to save us all.
Bill: He's not Jesus mother.

How could you possibly interpret what's happened here?

Virgina [to Bill]

Ever since the presentation I'm propositioned a dozen times a day. I get notes on my windshield. Just today somebody left a dildo on my desk.


I finally realized there's one thing I can't live without. You.

William [to Virginia]