Virginia: You'll find someone, George.
George: Another irony: my bride, on our wedding day, encouraging me that there are other fish in the sea.

Don't you want to give your kids a real family? Two parents under the same roof having dinner every single night. I know I want that for my kids, and if you had it too, wouldn't that just solve everything?


Conceiving the baby was a mistake. Keeping it was a deliberate decision.


I think that a heart can only be broken so many times, and then it's done, and I think that I'm done. I'm okay with that. I am. As long as my home and my family stay intact. I need that for my children's sake.


You never kiss Mommy, and then you kiss Tessa. Why would you even do that, you freak?


Is there not one square inch of my life that you haven't insinuated yourself into?


We are the sexual revolution.


Maybe that’s the key, to let go of some ideal. To live the life that you have, not the life that you thought you would have. To finally just accept what is.


What if you did it because you wanted me? What if that was the reason?

Libby [to Robert]

George: It’s going to come up in court, in front of the judge, the fact that you watch people fornicating.
Virginia: Fornicating?
George: Fucking. That you’re having an affair with your boss.

When I first saw a picture of Jackie, I thought now I know what the American Dream is. And John Kennedy? He is livin’ it.


Art’s not supposed to be clever, it’s supposed to be true. True to life.


Masters of Sex Quotes

I think women often confuse love with physical attraction.


Women fake orgasms, maybe all of em. Although I haven't checked my clipboard lately