Killers don't look like killers if they're good at their jobs.


You know what gives me a headache? This job! I gotta be there for my son because he needs a mother. I didn't ask for this shit. You know that my ankles are swollen. I got calluses! And then my hair, smells like canola oil. I fucking hate this place. I quit!


I'm going for the Jewish experience. You feel me? Get all cultural on them, should be mad convincing. Man, I need some, likeā€¦ Seinfeld episodes. Oh! Ka-ching! Check it out! Woody fucking Allen. Now, that's some Jew shit right there.

Black Cindy

We have captive women, and we have underwear. All we need to do is recruit a bunch of girls with super stinky tutus, and then figure out a way to get the used goods out there to the freaks who want them.


Pearson: This is an opportunity for all of you to learn a very in demand trade. And we hope that all of you will take it as seriously as we did when selecting you. Ladies, welcome to Whispers.
Cindy: We making panties?

'Cause if you were a Christian, you could tell everybody what to do, and then they'd do it so they don't hurt your feelings, because that's against the law.


No one in here is people.


More often than not, people believe what you tell them.

Flaca's Mom

This inside me? It feels like a grenade right now. And soon, it's going to blow up and take me with it.


Oh my god, you don't even know me. I mean, I, I, I could be some kind of ax murderer who wants to make coats out of the skins of babies or something.


Taystee: It's eight o'clock in the morning. You drinking already?
Poussey: It's always five o'clock in prison.

You take a woman's power away. Her work, her family her currency. You leave her with one coin...the one she was born with. It may be tawdry and demeaning, but if she has to, she will spend it. But you're right, your feelings count too.


Orange is the New Black Quotes

I was there for Alex. She was what I paid attention to. Who I paid attention to. Everything else was just background


I want you to understand. You do not have to have lesbian sex.

Sam Healy