[upon meeting her sister]
Rose: Wait this is so cool I want to die...
Megan: Take a number

I hate seeing people sleep...it's just one of my things...and wrists.. I hate looking at people's wrists...


Megan: With great power comes great responability... shout out to uncle ben
[conversation with Sage and Laurel...]
Megan: Uncle Ben is spider-man's uncle, not mine, i just wanted to make that clear

This outfit is a little much... I mean the girls are out to play


Photographer: we were supposed to get a signature from their mother.
Sage: Grandmother... our mother's dead. Feeling stupid yet?

Oh room, I may love you even more than car


Yeah my job comes with a hair net, I don't judge


I know who you are and p.s. I puke outfits cuter than that one


Marco: Have a cup of my coffee and you'll be feeling good as new..
Megan: No offense person I don't know, but i just got tazed.
[takes a sip]
Megan: That's not coffee, that's something god made!

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