Mr. Oliver, I'm really really glad that you're alive and everything but... I just about had a heart attack. I think I might still be having one.


Dude, it's freezing in here. What the hell man? Hear that sound? That was my nipples crystallizing into diamonds on my chest

Sock [entering Sam's car]

Sam [about Morgan]: He's kind of the son of your boss
Gladys: So is Genghis Khan, you expect me to be impressed with a gap ad?

I'm gonna have sex with you in your natural body. Now, I would simply ask that you be careful that your wings don't poke me in the eye. Also, please be aware my skin is very sensitive, it chafes easily. Also, please don't talk while we're doing it. I mean, your demon vice is a little mannish, okay?

Ben [to Nina]

In truth, I have a small favor to ask and by favor I mean you don't have a choice


Devil: Now, I suggest that you grab that portrait tonight. If it stays there too long, Fitzgerald will show up and reclaim it, and more people will die.
Sam: Since when did you care if people got killed?
Devil: I don't. Good call.

Devil: You, on the other hand, are a conundrum. For all your whining and complaining, and lack of fashion sense, you always get the job done. You want to do the right thing. I hate that about you. But I guess that's the quality that makes you so effective.
Sam: Are you giving me a compliment?
Devil: No, mostly I just hate that about you

Am I detecting a little sibling rivalry here? Don't worry, Sammy, there's no real competition. I'm always going to like him a little better than I like you


Nina: I'm starting to like human food.
Ben: How is demon food different?
Nina: Usually it's still squirming.. or screaming

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