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[to Conrad] You wreak havoc in the lives of others, and that is about to catch up to you.


Patrick: Standing there tonight watching my father die, what is wrong with us?
Victoria: We're victims of our world.

[to Emily] And just so you know, I never needed any of those things. I just needed you.


[to Emily] I wish I could just keep you locked up here until the full moon passes.


Nolan: So, Blackout Em speaks the truth?
Emily: I'm aware of that, Nolan.

Of all the weapons we take into battle there is none more powerful than the mind. It holds our instincts and our training. It allows us to distinguish friend from foe, love from hate. But if that weapon is unsound, it is by no means disarmed. For the mind is all the more dangerous when damaged and there's no guarantee that it won't choose itself as its next victim.

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