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Tonight's Revenge picked up where the winter finale left, which meant jumping straight out of Conrad Grayson's bed and right into the aftermath of the fire at the gallery.

Revenge Season 3 Episode 14 was actually a pretty great hour right up until the very last scene.

Stevie Grayson, Conrad's first wife appeared, and SURPRISE! She's Jack's mom! 

To say that I'm not enthused about the sudden return of Jack's mom is an understatement, mostly because it's completely out of left field. He's looking to move forward with his life with Margaux and Carl Jr. and buy a house and here comes his very own Mommy Dearest to throw a wrench into his plans, I'm sure.

What good can possibly come of her returning now? 

She spent how long living right there in the Hamptons as Mrs. Conrad Grayson while her son was raised by Carl Sr. in the Stowaway. She traded her child for a life of privilege. 

I just can't with that. There's pretty much no sob story she can give Jack that will make me not hate this story line or her for abandoning her son.

Speaking of moms and sob stories, Victoria tugged at my heartstrings in Revenge Season 3 Episode 13 with the story about how Jimmy Brennan raped her and why she gave Patrick up for adoption. Shame on me for feeling sorry for her.

Tonight Queen V was her usual, manipulative self, telling Patrick that killing Jimmy Brennan wasn't their fault. That nothing bad they've ever done has been their fault.

They're just victims of their world.

She was distraught over this man coming back into her life, I get that. He made passes at her without realizing who she was and then victim-blamed her. I get it.

But Patrick confessed to her that he'd just witnessed something traumatic, something that made him question everything about his life, and she shrugged off both him and his concerns, waving her hand nonchalantly to clear the stench of guilt from the air.

This isn't a woman who takes responsibility for her actions. That's nothing new so why it irked me so much tonight I'm not sure but it did.

Ugh, Victoria!

With those two side stories out of the way, it's time for the main event: Emily's blackouts.

I'm actually sort of loving that Emily Thorne, always pulled together and three steps ahead of everyone, is falling apart a little bit. It's making this revenging more interesting, that's for sure.

Not that any of us really thought she slept with Conrad, but let's all thank the tv gods she didn't so that's not where we're going with the rest of this season.

What she did do, however, was call Stevie Grayson, aka Jack's mom, and ask for her help divorcing Daniel. Stevie G. was all too eager to fly cross country to the defense of a fellow scorned Grayson wife. 

How this all went down is a little hazy, so I'm guessing it was something like this:

Emily blacked out and ended up at the Southfork. She confessed to Conrad that Daniel had cheated with Sara and gotten physically violent with her. Conrad urged her to divorce Daniel not just to save Emily but also to destroy Daniel further. "Oh hey, Emily, so, why don't you call up my ex-wife!?" Emily calls her, tells her what she told Conrad, and Stevie G. hops on a plane. Emily sleeps in the suite at the South Fork and Conrad wakes her up the next morning. She's come out of her fugue state and can't remember the conversation with Stevie G.

Conrad likely saw Emily's confession as a way to get Stevie to come back to the Hamptons so he could take Queen V's house away from her. Again. 

(Seriously? Enough with fighting over this damn house. I hope when this show is over it falls into the ocean.)

Emily's blackouts are escalating and when she's in one, she has no idea what she's saying. She's not the same person every time she blacks out. 

I'm not suggesting multiple personalities, though nothing is too out there for this show, but it's more like, sometimes Emily blacks out and wants to get Aiden killed. Then she wants to sleep with him. Then she wants to tear Nolan to pieces. 

She's also apparently cognizant enough of her regular life that she can remember where she's supposed to be and when or else she wouldn't have shown up to Charlotte's birthday party.

Charlotte's birthday party which was all a plot device for Daniel to see Emily and Conrad have a conversation and then ask Charlotte to spy on him while he puts feelers out into the Hamptons community to track Emily's movement.

When did Daniel get so...resourceful? How much is he paying that bellhop for information because it's not like the guy has any friends?

After the party, Emily visits Nolan and discovers that Aiden has been taken when she finds the bag for Takeda's sword. She goes to Takeda's apartment to rescue him and battles Niko. Emily and Niko's fight might have been the best scene of the night, followed closely by her heart to heart with Aiden after Niko left.

She broke down and told him that she couldn't give him the life he deserved. She couldn't give him a family. He tells her that was never important to him and all he ever needed was her and suddenly, I'm very firmly Team Aiden (though I still think the writers are Team Jack for reasons that I do not understand).

Aiden and Emily are broken up for now, but he's probably not for good. Right? 

Emily and Nolan contemplate the possibility that whatever happened to Emily's mom is also happening to her, most likely opening the door for her mother to return to help her sort this all out.

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 14? What do you think of Stevie Grayson? Grade the Revenge mid-season return.

Here is your first look at Revenge Season 3 Episode 15:


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Gosh, so much happened. I thought after Xmas, Revenge was going to me back this month but it came back in January. Then I had to catch up quick and next thing you know they had a break again ! Ems... she is a total mess ! What Daniel did to her... But one could argue that it is payback, but still !
The episode was okay up until then. Jack's mom, like SERIOUSLY !!!! Totally random ! And I'm starting to be annoyed by this blackout plot ! The only thing interesting is what Conrad is up to ! Victoria and Patrick, like how many people is he going to kill before he gets stopped ? She literally didn't care ! Brushed it off. The guy was obviously shaken up. This show is not getting any better... I am definitely worried. Please writers, bring Revenge back !


Patrick and Victoria are seriously boring...I don't really care about their storyline! and overall, after Jack's mom revelation, I felt it was too much and very,very much like a soap opera...:-(


I have watched this show from the first episode. I love this show and I realize it is just entertainment. I do believe we have lost the show that Mike Kelly created. Season 1 episodes were snappy and clean and just plain fun. Now, this show is turning into a bona fide soap opera with plots that consists of I am your long lost Mother, son, brother, sister, dog, whatever. The casting is fantastic and the acting is top quality; however, the story lines are now convoluted, meandering and confusing. Wish ABC had listen to Mike and he was still on board.


Sooo Glad to see my revenge back ,oh I missed it a lot, I have to say kudos to the writers, I didn't see that one coming for the explination of emilys blackouts,so she could be a real psyco ,I know Charlotte isn't a big character but her birthday should could be a bit bigger in air time,I mean ,30 seconds of a storyline ? Why not cut back a lot of patricks time? He is boring and with many many many issues ,I already want to see the next ep !!


Does anyone know who the artist was at Charlotte's party?


I also feel like Emily is probably being drugged. My guess would be by Conrad. I don't think he's being that nice to her for no reason. Maybe he found out she was the one making him think he had huntington's disease. If it's not him, one can only otherwise really suspect Victora. It'll be interesting to see Stevie get under Victoria's skin. I'm not sure how I feel about her being Jack's mother. I mean, you knew it was coming from the second she started talking during their second conversation. I thought it was a good return for the show, but there have been better episodes this season. Can't wait to see what happens with the blackouts though!


Well, I have to go against you and say that I am not team Aiden. I am team Emily and Jack. I can't stand Margeaux and wish she was gone. Why is she even there? I don't get what he sees in her. It's always been Jack and Emily(Amanda) and always will be!


So let me ask again…do you think Emily is being drugged…I do.

@ shazzz

The thought crossed my mind more than once. I feel like the safest thing for her to do would be to move in with Nolan For a while, but I would be afraid if just him for everyone's safety! Ems might hurt him inadvertently. If only Aiden would stay. I have surprisingly found myself on team Aiden as well, after REALLY being against it.

@ TiffanyO

I think so too... BUT, by WHO ???? It must be everyday. She definitely needs to be locked up, at Nolan's house !


So glad the shows back. I'm glad that Emily didn't sleep with Conrad even though I never thogiht she did. The blackouts are very interesting and are really dangerous because she can do or say something that would expose her identity like how she called Conrad's first wife and asked for her help in divorcing Daniel. Can't wait till the next episode it looks good.

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Nolan: So, Blackout Em speaks the truth?
Emily: I'm aware of that, Nolan.

Of all the weapons we take into battle there is none more powerful than the mind. It holds our instincts and our training. It allows us to distinguish friend from foe, love from hate. But if that weapon is unsound, it is by no means disarmed. For the mind is all the more dangerous when damaged and there's no guarantee that it won't choose itself as its next victim.