Maura: Jane, what are you going to do?
Jane: I dunno. What does the victim of an obsessive narcissist do to get her attention?

You can graduate number two and still be a good cop.


Vince: The Mounties will get her.
Jane: I want her here. Now.

Wendy: Me and her son, we mattered, and nobody else.
Jane: Alice had a son?

Jane: These woods are full of angry state troopers. You getting shot, was that part of the plan?
Wendy: I love her...

You're taller than I expected.


Vince: I'll make sure you get everything back.
McFadden: No need, detective. No need.

That's my daughter, detective. And even so, she's the one I'd be looking for if I was still on the force.


A couple of weeks ago I was abducted. Chloroformed. My hands were bound. He hit me. We think the woman who was behind it was the same one who killed your friend.


Good luck finding a drug ring that the drug unit couldn't.


Maura: You're drinking four shots of espresso?
Jane: Only because this cup doesn't hold five.

I want to help you, but I don't want to lose my job.