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Maura: You know what's in here?
Jane: Yummy goodness.

Frankie: Now I can stop being nice to you for no reason.
Jane: Oh, yeah I wouldn't want you to develop any bad habits.

Don't let her use the Latin on you.


Frankie couldn't get away with anything as a kid cause she was always weaseling a confession out of him.


Maura: How about depression?
Jane: Only since you started asking me all of these questions.

In this moment when there feels like there is none here is the good news. Death may have taken Barry but it can't take our memories of him. Those wonderful and perfect and beautiful memories. Those thank God are ours to keep.


So either she's Elasta-girl or Lilly Green didn't kill Toby Warren.


Criminals are generally very, very, stupid.


Oh no, Korsak. Maura's named her. Now we'll never be able to give her back.


Any dead bodies lying in the street that are in need of a suspect to go with them?


Barry loved his work. He wouldn't want me to curl up and stop doing mine.


You never know who's going to be a good parent until it's time for them to do the job.

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